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Vaccination Centre-ah Puitling Film An Tichhuak Palh Hlauh Maia, Damlote An Mangang Hle!

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Costa Rica Vaccination Centre-ah hmeichhia leh hmeichhia puitling film an channa chu screen lianah an play sual hlauh mai a, Official-te chu TV off thuai tumin an phibuai nasa tih hriat a ni.

Vaccination Centre ah hian vantlang mipui tana thil tangkai leh an hman theih tur thilte an tihchhuak thin a, vawilehkhatah puitling film lo lang thut mai chu, damlote chuan mak tiin sawi ngaihna pawh an hrelo a ni ber.

Screen liana lo lang film hmutute chuan he thil thleng hi sawingaihna pawh an hrelo hle a, a chhunga hnathawkte leh midang lo awm ve te pawh chu an hrilhhai hle a ni.

Theih tawp chhuahin Officer-ten an beih hnuah Plug pawtthlain, puitling film lo chhuahna TV chu an off thei ta hram a ni. He thil titu hi thuneituten an chhui mek tih an sawi.

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