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USA Gymnastic doctor hlui  Larry Nassar kum 54 chu ngun taka a chungthu an rel hnuah January ni 24 Nilaini khan Michigan court judge chuan kum 40 atang a kum 175 lungin tang turin thiam loh a chan tir ta a ni.

Judge hian thu tlukna a siam hma hian Larry chu kulh bang sang tak inhung chhunga awm tlak ani, a thil sual tih duhna thinlung hi an inenkawl zo thlawt loh avangin, Chung hmuna nun a hmang loh chuan a thlenna chin a piangah pawikhawihna a thleng a nga, mi tam tak nun a ti chhia ang tiin Jude Rosemarie Aquilina chuan a sawi.

Court room ah hian Doctor Larry Nassar a khawih chhingpen hmeichhete chungchang ngaih thlak bawk ani a, Doctor larry hian dam lo hmeichhe 100 chuangte a pawngsual a ni. Doctor larry-an a pawngsual hmeichhe zingah hian kum tling lo an tam ber bawk a ni.

Doctor larry-a chungchangah thu tlukna an siam hma hian tuartute lam atang thu ngaihthlak ani a, tah chuan doctor larry pawhin a thil lo tih tawhte a beng ngeia a hriat hnu chuan a zakin, rapthlak a inti hle a, a thil lo tih tawhah pawi a tih thu leh hremna a hmuh tur ang ang chu lawm taka a pawm thlap tur thu a sawi.



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