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US vice President hlui hi rilrukimlo a ni

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US vice president hlui chuan North Korea president Kima hian dictator misual a ni tiin  a sawisel a, amah zawk hi rilru kim lo a ni tiin N.Korea sawrkar chuan a puh let ve. Kan ram lal a sawisel hi ngaihdam theih loh politic inchona a ni tiin N.korea chuan a ngai tiin an sawi. May 18 a Philidelphia state a a vawt zawnnaah Trump hian NKorea president Kima te, Rusia president Putinte ang dictator misualte hi a tlawn kual a, a hun a khawhral mai mai tiin Vice President hlui hian a sawi. North Korea ten rilru kim lo an tih erawh chu engtin mah a chhang let lo a ni.


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