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July ni 4 hi US ram tan independent ni a ni a, khawvel mihringte thawnthu ah America chanchin hi a ropuiber a ni tiin Trump chuan ram mipuite hmaah a uanpui a ni. Washington khawpui a hemi ni ropui an hmannaah hian America flag humhimtu mihuaisente, mipuite leh kan ram thawnthu hi ka chhuang a ni tiin Trump chuan a sawi bawk. Thil tha zawk sual chhuak tur leh thil hlu zawk chang tura englai maha hnungtawlh ngai lo kan ni a, hmalama thil tha thlentir turin englai pawhin kan indona hi kan chawlhsan dawn lova, America hian tihtheih loh a nei lo tiin a chapo pui vel a ni.


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