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Turkey-in Taksim Square-a kumthar lawmna huaihawt khap

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Turkey thuneitute chuan an ram khawpui, Istanbul-a hmun pawimawh, Taksim Square-ah chuan kumthar lawmna huaihawt a khap a, hei hi venhimna lam kaihhnawih thil vang niin an sawi.

Istanbul Beyoglu district-a police hotu, Ismail Kilic chuan kum hnih kalta chhung khan khawpui chhunga pawikhawina thleng a hluar chhoh avangin kuminah chuan venhimna a leta tihkhauh anih thu a sawi. Kumthar lawmna neih hun chu venhimna khauh hun ber tur a nih thu a sawi bawk.

Turkey-ah hian Kurdish hel leh IS fifiakten pawikhawihna an thlen fo a, Istanbul-a Reina nightclub-a 2016-2-017 New Year party nei lai chu beiin, mi 39 kahhlum an lo ni tawh bawk a ni.




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