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Tuifinriat a thang zel dawn

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Khawvel leilung hmar lama vurte a tui ral zel avangin rin aiin tuifinriat tui hi a rawn sang chho chak zawk dawn a ni tiin leilung zirtute chuan an sawi. Kum 2100 ah chuan tuifinriat tui level hi meter khat vel a thang dawn tih rin a ni a, mahse a takah chuan an rin aia letin a sang dawn a ni an ti. Tuifinriat kam te a awm khawmual leh ram tam takin an tuar dawn a ni an ti.Khawvel leilung leh boruak zirtute IPCC pawn kum 2100 ah chuan tuifinriat tui hi Centimeter 52 atanga 98 thleng a sang chho dawn tih 2013 khan an lo puang tawh bawk.


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