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Hmeichhe pakhat Wang Qi-i chu pasal then tawh fa pakhat nei ani a Zhejiang state china a cheng a ni. Online atangin tlangval pakhat Qian-a chu a tawnga ti chuan an inbe thina biahthu an inhlan hnuah a in ah a hruai a, a chhungte pawh a inhmel hriat tir a ni.

Tichuan an innel cho zela an inkar pawh a tha hle a ni,  In khat hialah pawh an cheng dun a ni, Tichuan Qian-a hian wang-i hnenah dollar 4,612 a puk bawk,  Mahse thlaruk hnuah chuan chin hriat lohin Qian-a chu apilbo ta hmak mai le. wang-i nen an inbiak thinna social media zawng zawng pawh a deactivate vek a ni.  wang-i chu a rilru a hah hle a, a bialpa chuan hmeichhe dang a um ta emaw a ti a ni. Mahse wang-i chuan a bialpa chanchin chu a chhui ru ta zel a.

A tawpah chuan wang-i chuan a bialpa Qian-a official  Id card ah chuan Gender ah mipa nilo in hmeichhia tih a hmuh chhuah chuan  wangi hian mak a ti hle a ni, Qian hian mipa hnute ang a nei a kan inbual dun pawhin mipa inbual ang chiahin a inbual a ni, mahse sex erawh kan la hmang dun lo, inneih hunah chauh hmang turin kan intiam a ni tiin Wangi hian media te hnenah a sawi.

Qian-i pa pawhin a fanu Qian-i hi a naupanlai atang tawhin mipa ang a, a awm thin thu leh mipa silhfen chauh a inbel duh thu a sawi.

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