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Syria ram hmar lam Manbij khau a hotel pakhat hmaah thihchilh bomb a puak a, US rammi 4 an thi. He thil hian US sipaite Syria atanga an hawn huna thil thleng tur a tarlang a ni. IS mifirfiakte chuan he thihchilh bomb tipuaktu hi an mahni an ni tih an puanga, a thihchilhtu tak hi Syrian mi a ni a, a thihchilh tum ber chu US sipaite an ni.

Videoa a lan dan chuan hotel leh chhehvel chu ruang leh thisenin a khat nuai a, civil mi pawh mi sawm chuang zet chu an thi ani. Helai hmun hi US sipaite leh an thurualpuite an inhmuh khawmna thin a ni an ti.

source ‘VOA’

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