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Tu-22M3 supersonic bomber chu Rusia ram hmar thlang lam Murmensk hmunah a chesual. Rusia thuneitute chuan he indo thlawhtheihna hi airfieldah  a tum dawnin tlai lam 1:40 pm ah a chesual ta a ni an ti. He thlawhna chhungah hian mi pali 1)commander 2) co-pilot 3) Navigator leh 4) operatorte an chuanga pahnih an thi a, a dang pahnih erawh chu an dam a ti.

He Tu-22M3 supersonic fighter hi kum 1980 ah khan Rusia airforceah a service tan a ni. He fighter hian nuclear a phur thei a, tuifinriata indo lawng a hmachhawn thei bawk. President Putin chuan tun atanga rei lo teah NATO ralthuam tawn tlang thei ralthuam kan siam thuai dawn a lo ti vei bawk.

source ‘CNN’

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