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Social Media Facebook In Thutlukna Fel Tak Siamin President Hlui Donald Trump Hremna A Pe

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Social media lianber pawl Facebook chuan hremna an lo pek tawh President hlui Trump chu thutlukna fel tak siamin kum 2 chhung hremna an pe tih tih an puang. Hremna an pek hun a pelh hnua an hawnsak leh hnuah pawh dan a zawm lo a nih chuan damchhunga post siam thei tawh lo tura hrem a nih tur thu pawh an tarlang zui bawk.

United State inthlanpui neih zawh tak kaihhnawiha hremna an pek Trump hi 2020 February 7 liam ta khan a account tih tawp lailawk a nia, inthlan zawhfel a nih hnuah a account hawn leh a nih tur thu an sawi a ni.

Supreme Court pawhin Trump account tih tawp sak a nih chungchangah Facebook chu inralrinna thu a lo pe tawh nghe nghe a, Facebook thuneitute chu amah hremdan tur chungchangah an thukhawm nghala kum 2 chhung hremna an pe ta a ni.

Vice President Nick Clegg pawhin Trump chu hremna an pek chungchang sawilangin, hun tiamchin a pelh hnu ah pawh uluk takin an thlithlai reng dawn tih sawiin, Facebook policy a zui lo a nih chuan damchhung hremna an pe dawn a ti bawk.

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