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Save the Children office bei

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Afghanistan khawchhak lam, Jalalabad khuaa Save the Children aid agency office chu nimin zing khan silai kengten lukhungin an bei a, mi 11 in hliam an tuar.

Nangarhar governor thupuangtu Attaullah Khogyani chuan zing dar 9.10 velah Jalalabad khuaa Save the Children compound luhnaah car bomb tihpuah a nih thu a sawi. Bomb tihpuah a nih hnu hian silai keng mi eng emaw zat chuan office hi an luhkhung a, mahse security force-ten an man hmain an tlanchhe hman a ni.  Mi 11 hliam tuarte chu damdawi-inah hruai an ni.

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