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Russia chaun kum 2017 April thlaa Syria rama chemical ralthuam hmanga inbeihna thleng nia sawi chungchang chu chhui chian leh a phut. Chemical hmanga inbeihna thleng nia sawiah hian mi 80 an thi a ni.

Thawhlehni khan meeting an neihah, UN-a Russia ambassador Vassily Nebenzia chuan chemical ralthuam hman nia sawi chungchang hi chhui ṭhat leh an duh thu a sawi. Hetihlai hian US ambassor Nikki Haley chuan Russia thil tum chu hriatthiam harsa an tih  thu sawiin, Syria-a chemical ralthuam hman anih chungchang chhui tura UN leh  Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) a siam chu dan tumin Russia hian kum 2017 khan ṭum thum zet a veto power a hmang tawh a ni, a ti. Halley chuan Russia rawtna siam chu an pawm dawn lo tih a sawi bawk.

Russia chuan UN-OPCW joint panel chu a hlawhchham niin a sawi thung. JIM hian report a lo tihchhuah tawhah chuan Syria sorkar sipaite leh Islamic State pawlte chuan chemical ralthuam hi an hmang ve ve niin a tarlang a ni.


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