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Rualbanlo Naupang Phone Benthlaksaktu Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo Police-in Fimkhur Turin An Hrilhlawk

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Season liam ta khan Manchester United chu Everton lakah an tlawm a, hetih lai hian Cristiano Ronaldo chuan naupang rualbanlo phone a benthlaksak a, he thilah hian Police lam chuan United star Ronaldo chu fimkhur turin an hrilhlâwk tih hriat a ni.

April 9, 2022 a Goodison Park a Everton leh Man United te inhmachhawn tum hian United lam chu goal 1 in an chak lo a. Hetih lai hian Ronaldo field atanga lo chhuak chu naupang rualbanlo kum 14 mi Jocab Harding chuan a phone in thla a lo la a, Ronaldo chuan a phone chu a benthlaksak thuai mai a, a chhe zui ta a ni.

Naupang kum 14 mi chunga a chetdan mawi lo tak avang hian a hnuah Ronaldo chuan ngaihdam a dil a, ngaihdam dil bawk mahse Police te chuan hmaichhanah hmuin fimkhurna thu an fah zui a ni.

Police te sawidanin, Ronaldo chuan a chetdan chu a mawi lo tih a pawm ngam a, he naupang rualbanlo kum 14 mi hi zangnadawmna pek a intiam bawk niin an sawi.

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