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Refugee 1000 vel thawn haw

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2016 kum atang tawh khan Thailand ram raltlan Myanmarte chu Thailand sawrkar chuan a thawn haw zeuh zeuhva, vawiin ni thlenga an thawn haw zat hi mi 1000 lai an thling tawh a ni. 2016 Octorber thla khan mi 71, Ni kum May thlaah khan mi 93, kumin Feb khan mi 565 leh July thla chhung hian mi 310 belh 1039 an tling tawh a ni. Thailand sawrkar hian kum 1984 atang khan Myanmar raltlante chu a lo mikhual tawh a, vawin ni thleng hian Thailand ram chhungah Myanmar refugeete hi 100,000 vel an la awm a, camp hrang hrang hmun khuaah an insemdarh a ni.


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