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Rakhaiah Indiain in 200 a sa dawn

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India sawikar chuan Myanmar a Rakhai state tundin nan in 250 sakna tur US dollar million 25 pek a lo tiam tawh angin vawiin Thawhleh ni hian a la bang  in 200 chu an inhlan fel dawn ta a ni. Heng in 250 te hi khaw thum an ni. A hmasa in 50 chu 2018 December thla a India President Shri Ram Nath Kobind Myanmarah ni 4 a cham chhung khan a hlan fel tawh a ni.Vawin ni a an hlan tur hi chu Myanmar a awm India Ambassador in a hlan dawn  a ni. Heng in hian tui huh,thli leh lirnghingte pawh a pawisa lo a ni an ti.


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