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Prince Harry-a nupui neih ni tur chu puan a ni ta a, nakkum May 19 khian Meghan Markle nen an innei ang.

British lal tupa Prince Harry leh American actress inneih tur thu official-a puan a nih hnuah, an inneihna hmun leh hun tur an inrinsiak a, tunah chuan puan chian a ni ta. Kensington Palace chuan kar kalta Zirtawpni khan thuchhuah siamin, “Harry leh Markle-te chu May 19, 2018 khian St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Casstle, United Kingdom-ah an inkutsuih dawn a ni” a ti.  St George’s Chapel hi United Kingdom-a chapel changtlung ber zinga mi niin, mi 800 vel an leng.


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