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A u nu Ubunrat chu prime minister ni tura rem ti lotu Thailand ram lal duh dan chu kan zui ang tiin Thai Retsarchat party chuan a sawi. Hemi party hi Teksina nena inkungkaih party kha an ni a, an Party atang Thailand Lal u nu Ubunrati chu prime minister chuh tir an tum chu an thulh leh dawn ta a ni. Thailand ram lal chuan hetianga lal hnahthlakin politic thila inhnamhnawih hi kan kalphung a ni lo tiin a u chu a khap a ni.

Hetianga Thailand ram lal meuhvin a tawngchhuah takah chuan Retsachat party pawhin an party hi lal tan rinawmna vawngtu an ni tih lantir nan an thil tum an sutlet thu an rawn puang ve nghal a ni.

source ‘BBC’

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