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Philippine President Duterte chuan ruitheihthil nuai chimit tura hma a lakna lo dem tu Roman Catholic puithiamte chu tun hnai lawk khan a sawisel leh a ni. Manila khawpui hmar lama School foundation siamna a neih sak tumah Roman Catholic puithiamho hi homosexual (mipa leh mipa in pawl ching) an ni a, meditation (tawngtai chikhat) nei vel lovin ngaihzawng neih phal sak a duh thu a sawi bawk.

Amah hi naupangte a nih lai hian Roman Catholic puithiamin a lo nuai tawh thu President a nih tantirh pawh khan a lo sawi tawh kha. Khawvel pumah RC puithiamte cheksualna hi a hluar hle a, mahse Philippineah chuan sawi tur a tam lo.

source ‘VOA’

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