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NY marathon ah mitdelpa a tawp thlengin a tlan

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New York City Half Marathon ah mitdel pakhat hi a tel ve a, a tawp thlengin a tlan chhuak parh a ni. Kum 47 mi Thomas Panek hian ui fing pathum hmangin he inelnaah hian a tel ve a, mitdel heng Marathona tel a tawp thlenga thlan parh thei chu a mah chauh hi a ni an ti hial  a ni.

Wesley, Waffle leh Gus ui fing pathumte hian mawza bunin he mitdel hi an hruai a ni. Thomas Panek hian heng ui fing pathumte hruaina in mel 13 chu a tlan tlang parh a ni.

source ‘Irrawaddy’

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