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Mexico ram-a  papakhat Robert Esquivel Cabrera kum 54 chuan a naute company sei lutuk vangin buaina a tawk a doctor a rawn a ni. Mahse doctor Dr Jesus Pablo Gil Muro, pawhin tihngaihna a hriat loh avangin Mr. robert-a hnenah hian inti thei zawk turin leh rilru tih hnual phah nan hmang lo turin a lo fuih zawk a ni.

Robert-a hian nupui neihte pawh a chak ve hle a mahse amah dawngsawng zo hmeichhia reng a hmuh loh avangin hreawm a ti hle a ni. Mr. Robert hi a naute company hi inches 18 vel zeta sei a ni a, a sei leh rit em vang hian mipangngai angin a kal thei lo.

America ram a luh a chak hle a, america ah chuan awm sela porn industry ah hna a hmuh theih a rin thu leh america ah chuan a kawppui tur hmeichhe pakhat tal chu an awm a rin thu a sawi bawk.

Mr. Robert hian vawi hnih chu hmeichhia a lo tawng ve tawh a mahse a thil an hmuh chuan an hlau a an tlan chhuahsan leh a ni.

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