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National defense sipaite thuamthat nan sorkar motorte, thlawhtheihna pawh kan zuar mai ang tiin Mexico ram lal Lopet chuan January 29 khan a sawi.

Tun February leh April ah hian Santa lusia sipai campah lilamna kan nei dawn a, sawrkar motor (vehicle) 263 leh thlawhtheihna 76 chu kan zuar chhuak dawn a ni a ti.

Chung kan zawrh sumte chu kan ram national defense mipuite venghimtute thuamthat nan kan hmang dawn tih a sawi bawk. February 23 leh 24 lilamah hian motor 263 chu kan zuar anga dollar 5.26 million kan hmuh (pesu 100 million) beisei a ni tih a sawi.

Chutiang bawk chuan April 26 leh 27 ah lilam tumhnihna kan nei leh ang. Chutah chuan thlawhtheihna leh helicopter 76 kan zuar ang. Thlawhtheihna zingah hian President thlawhtheihna Boeing 787 Dreamliner pawh a tel dawn tih a sawi.

source ‘mizzima’

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