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Mobile kan ti bo a, a chhartu-in sim lo thlak engang mahse kan mobile awmna hmun hriat theih dan awlsam chu a hmasa berin…

1.*#06# call tur a ni.

2. IMEI Number digit 15 pakhat emaw pahnih a lo lang ang.

Heng no 1 leh 2 na hi mobile bo hma a, check a lehkhapuanah emaw pakhat khatah chhinchhiah a dahthat tur a ni. Tichuan i mobile bo hunah Chu digit 15 lo lang pakhat zawk zawk a chu cop@ ah email a thawn tur a ni.

Tichuan cop@ chuan email-in i mobile awmna hmun address chu an lo hrilh tawh mai dawn che a ni.

Credit: ApannPyay


  1. Zicco hriatpuia says

    My phone lost
    Plss help location

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