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keini chuan car pakhat pawh kan lei theih loh laiin he khawpui a chengte mitin chuan a tlem berah thlawhna pakhat theuh an nei thei tlat mai. Khawvel hi kan va inthlau tak em…

United state of america rama-a florida state a Spruce Creek hmuna chengte chuan car man to tak tak chu sawi loh mitin ten thlawhna nei thei khawpin an hausak thu an sawi. Khawvela thlawhna tam berna veng tih pawhin sawi ila  kan sawisual lo ang.

Spruce Creek khuaah hian mipui 50,000 vel an cheng a, thlawhna parking hmun 700 a awm bawk a ni. He hmunah hian car park ang maiin thlawhna an park thin a ni. Spruce Creek ah hian thlawhna khalh zirna a awm a, thlawhna hawhna dawr a awm bawk a ni, Khawvel milar tam tak te pawh Spruce Creek ah rawn kalin thlawhna khalh te an zira len thawveng nan thlawhna an hawh thin a ni.

Spruce Creek hmunah hian Hollywood star lar tak John Travolta pawh a cheng ve a,  John Travolta pawhin thlawhna a nei ve a ni. John travolta thlawhna Boeing 707 chu a rum rin thin em avangin a thenawm ten an complain thin vanga John Travolta hi Spruce Creek hmuna insawm ta niin an sawi.

Spruce Creekhmuna chengte hi mihausa tawntaw thlawhna lama tui em em mi annih avangin he hmunah hian an insawn lut hlawm a ni, Dan pakhat annei ve a, Pathianni hian an inhmu khawm a chaw hluite an kil ho thin niin an sawi bawk.

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