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KISSING: Islamic dan nen a in kalh an tih avangin Police-in an man.

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Iranian infiam mi, Mr. Alireza Japalaghy-a chu ‘Tehran cyber Police’ ten social media a Rooftop a in kiss video a post vangin an rawn man a ni.

Photo: Alireza Japalghy

Tehran Police chuan “Kan Islamic Sharia Law dan kalh zawnga an chet avangin social media-ah sawisel a hlawh a, kan Iran dan khauh tak mai hi min rawn sawisel nan an hman phah ani” a ti.

Photo: Alireza Japalghy

Social media user ṭhenkhat te rin dan chuan Alireza-a hian pics eng a maw zat social media ah in kiss lai a post tawh a, man a tawk ngai lo, a pa(father) chungchang a, police hmalak dan zawhna a siam avang a man ni ber ah an ngai.

Photo: Rooftop kissing

Source: BBC NEWS

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