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Khawvela puk thui ber chu Israel ramah

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Israel ram tlang lianber soltam tlanga Melham chi lungpuk chu khawvela puk thuiber a ni tih an puang. Km 10 (mel 6.25) thuk he chi lungpuk hian Soltam tlang chu pal tlangin tuipui thi thlengin a zu chhuk a ni an ti.

Hemi puk chhungah hian chi tui khal mawi tak takin a insiam a, a hmuhnawm hle a ni an ti. Kum 2006 lai khan Iran rama puk N3 an tih chu he Melham puk hian a leh pela, khawvel puk seiber a lo ni ta  a ni.

source ‘mizzima’

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