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Kentucky school-a inkahna thlengah mi pahnih thi

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US-a  Kentucky khaw chhimthlang lama school-a inkahna thlengah zirlai pahnih an thi a, mi dang 17 in hliam an tuar.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin chuan Thawhlehni khan zirlai mipa pakhat, kum 15 mi chuan school-ah silai hi a hmetpuak niin a sawi. Silai hmetpuaktu hi man niin, tualthah thubuai leh tualthah tum thubuaite siamsak a nih thu a sawi. Police-te chuan silai hmetpuaktu chenna in pawh hi an dap tawh a, pawi a khawihna chhan chhuichian an tum mek a ni.

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