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Inthat tlem ber khawmual chu

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Khawvela inthat tlem ber continent chu Asia khawmual hi a ni tiin UNO chuan a sawi. Asia khawmualah hian kum khatah hian mi nuaikhat zelah mi pahnih chauh an thah a tih theih a ni. South America khawmualah chuan kum khat chhungin mi nuai khat zelah mi 25 te an that thin tih July 8 a UN thupuanah chuan an tarlang. South East Asia ram Philippineah chuan kumkhat chhungin nuai khat zelah mi 8.4 % an that thin a, Singapore nuai khat zelah pakhat pawh an thi lo tih theih a ni. Hetianga thi an tamna chhan pawh mahni kuta roreltute an tam tak em vang leh Muslim helte vang a ni.


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