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Huti helpawlin ramria ralthuam an tichhia

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Saudi ramri airporta awm ralthuam dahna in pakhat chu Drone thlawhnain kan kap chhia a ni tiin Huti helpawl chuan May 21 khan an puang a, Saudi ram pawhin chutiang thil chu a thleng tih an pawm. Hemi inkahnaah hian mihring engzat nge thi tih erawh chu an puang lova, eng ang ralthuamte nge chhia tih pawh an sawi chhuak lo bawk. Saudi ramri a awm Naran khuaa ralthuam dahna in chu Qaset-2k drone in kan kap chhia tiin Huti helpawl chuan an puang. Naran khua hi Saudi khawpui atanga mel 525 a awm a ni.


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