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Hmeichhe MMA Fighters 2-ten Insual Hmaa Dawhsana An Inhmachhawn Laiin Mipui An Barakhaih!

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Hmeichhe MMA fighter 2-ten an insual hmaa mipui pungkhawm hmaa an inhmachhawn laiin, dawhsan chungah mipui barakhaihin rinloh takin an infawp thut tih hriat a ni.

He thil dangdai tak hi March 11 liam ta a thleng kha niin, dan pangngaiah chuan fighters te chu stage-ah inhmachhawnin an inhrosa vel thin a, huai zawk leh tha zawk anga lan tumin an bei uluk viau thin a ni.

Prague’s 02 arena bout ah erawh mak tak maiin hmeichhe fighters 2 Karina Pedro leh Denisa Ryndova te chu stage-ah inlanin an 2 hian inhrosak leh lan hlauhawm tum a hnekin an infawp ta daih a nih chu!

Denisa chuan he a opponent nen an infawhna clip hi a Instgram page-ah a pholang a, “Somehow I didn’r realised that the whole gala @clashofthestars is already over” tiin caption-ah a ziak lang a ni.

Fighter pakhat zawk OnlyFans star Karina pawhin a thiannu clip post ang hi social media lamah thuziak nen a post darh zui ve bawk tih hriat ani.

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