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He In Hi Lei La, Nupui Atan In Neitu Nu Free In I Nei Thei!

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Indonesia, West Bandung Regency a cheng nu pakhat Ayu Novi Astiana Kum 31 a upa chuan an chenna in a hralh tih hriat a ni.

In neitu hmeithai sawi danin a in a hralh mai piah lamah a in leitute hnenah amah leh a fate pawh a thlawnin an nei thei tih a sawi lang tel bawk. An chenna in 52 square metre a zau chu US$16,900 in a hralh phal tih a a sawi.

He thil a ngaihtuah chhuah theihna chhan pawh an thenawmte vang niin an sawia, a in a hralh dawn ro ro chuan a mah pawh kawppui zawnna remchang a nih ringin thurawn an lo pe ve a ni.

Vanduaithlak takin Novi hian pasal a tawng fuh bik lova, thla reivak lo liam ta ah khan a pasal nen an inthen a ni.

A in lei tur hian a mipa duhthusam sawichhuakin mipa fa nei lo an nih a ngaia, mi fel tak leh chhungkua nupui fanuate hmangaih thei tur an ni tur a ni a ti bawk. A fate pawh fa tak anga hmangaih theitu tur a zawng tih a sawi a ni.

“Ka in hi hralh thuai theih ka inbeiseiin pasal tur mi tha tak pawh ka tawng mahna” tiin a sawi.

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