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Covid-19 avangin thla 2 chhung lekin Billionaires te chu a let in an hosa

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Hosa tak tak te chu thla 2 chhung lekin a let tam takin an hosak phah ani.

Forbes magazine a tarlan khawvela mihosa mi 25 lists te hosakna chu $255 billion niin —pandemic vanga stock market a tlak tak avangin U.S. stock market aiin a tam zawk a ni.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg-a chu heng lists ho zinga hosa chak ber a ni. Facebook chuan thla 2 chhung ringawt khan 60% lai mai sum la lutin— May ni 22 khan High record a siam a ni.

Investors ho chuan a ṭha lam zawnga fakin— Facebook in heng small business te, online shops tih vel neuh neuh te tan Digital shopping a an hman theih avangin Facebook in a hosat pui chu an lawmpui a ni.

Zuckerberg-a chu tunah $86.5 Billion a hosa niin, khawvela hosa ber 7 na aṭangin pa 4 na a rawn ni ta ani.

Source: Forbes

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