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China sorkar chuan inzawmna tha zawk neih theih zel beiseinin an khawpui pahnih atangin Myanmar leh Thailand chu direct Airline siam tharin January 11 atang khan an service tan ta a ni.

China khawpui Chongqing atangin Myanmar Khawpui ber pahnihna Mandalay chu Sichuan Airlinein Zirtawpni khan a service a, Thawhtan, Nilai leh Zirtawp, kar khatah vawi thum a thawk dawn a ni. Madalay leh Sichuan hi darkar hnih a thawk dawn a ni.

Chutiang tho chuan China private Airline pakhat 9 Air chuan Guizhou bial an khawpui Guiyang atangin Thailanda Tourist te tawm buk Phu khet khawpui chu Zirtawp khan a service tan a ni.

Guiyang atanga Phu Khet chu Nilai, Zirtawp leh Sundayah a service anga Phu Khet atang Guiyang chu Thawhtan, Nilaithawhtan leh Inrinniah a thlawk ang.

source ‘VOA’


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