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Newyork khawpuia building hmingthang tak tak zinga Chrysler building lian chu an zuar dawn tih January ni 10 khan Building thuneitute hnen atanga hriat a ni. Feet 1046a sang he building hi Mubadala UAE company leh Tishman Speyer America company ta a ni.

He building hi kum 2008 khan Mubadala company chuan dollar million 800 sengin a lo siamtha a, chuvangin he building 90%hi a chang ta a ni. 10%chu Tishman Speyer company hian a la chelh a ni. He Chrysler building hi 1997 ah Tishman company hian dollar million 250 velin a lei.

A dinna leilung hmun thuma then hmun khat hi Cooper Union Collage ta a ni a, kum khat hawh man hi 2017 khan dollar million 7.8ah a kai chho. 2019 -2027thleng leilung hawh man chu usd 679 millons a ni. He building hi motor siam thin Walter Chrysleran 1930 kuma a sak a ni.

source ‘mizzimz’

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