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British Boxer Tyson Fury’an United Kingdom Prime Minister Nih A Duh Thu A Sawichhuak

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British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury chuan a hma hun ngaihtuahin United Kingdom Prime minister nih a duh thu a sawi chhuak!

He thu hi a restaurant thar, Sultan of Lancaster hawnna a neih laiin a sawi a, restaurant hawnna telte chungah lawmthu a sawi rualin 2030-ah United Kingdom prime minister atan Fury vote theuh tur leh vote theihnghilh lo turin a sawm a ni.

Boxer kum 33 a upa Fury hian Dillian Whyte a Knoctout hnuah boxing a chawlhsan thu a puang a, a political career lamah hun tam zawk pek a tum a nih hmel.

Mahse, hetih lai hian thla leh maia inhmachhawn tur Anthony Joshua’an Aleksandr Usyk a hneh a nih chuan, ring chhungah a let leh dawn niin a sawi a ni.

Tyson Fury’an Anthony Joshua nen an inhmachhawn a nih chuan mi tute pawhin a free in an en theih tur thu a sawi a, he fight atang hian sum siam a tum lo a ti a ni.

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