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Britain PM-in a minister a ban

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Britain Prime Minister Theresa May-i chuan a minister zinga senior ber, Damian Green chu a computer-a zahmawh lam film, pornography hmuh a nih chungchanga a thusawi avangin minister a nihna aṭangn a ban tir.

Green hi thla ruk liamta khan first secretary of state atan ruat a ni. Thla hmasa khan Sunday Times chuan Houses of Parliament-a Green-a office computer-ah kum 2008 kha police ten pornography an hmuh thu a tarlang a ni. Hei hi chhangin, Green chuan thu dik lo a nih thu a sawi thung.

Hemi chungchang hi May-i ngenna angin sorkar official chuan a chhuichiang a, report a thehluhah Green-an a computer-a thil mawi lo tak hmuh a nih chungchang a hre lo nia a insawi chu thil awihawm loh leh, midangte rilru hruai pen tumna niin a sawi a ni. Green chu minister-te awm dan tur inkaihhruaina bawhchhiaah puh a ni a, hei vang hian May-i chuan bang turin a ti a, Green hian  banna hi thehlut ta a ni.

Kum 61 mi, Green chuan office-a a computer aṭangin film ṭha lo en emaw, download emaw a neih loh thu a sawi a, hemi chungchang sawichhuah a nih tirh khan a lo sawifiah tawk lo deuh niin a sawi.






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