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British prime minister Theresa May-in EU atanga banna Brexit thutlukna a theh luh chu Thawhleh ni khan Parliamentah an rel a, a duh lamin vote 202 an hmu a, a duh lo lam chuan vote 432 hmuin, duh lo tute an chak ta a ni.

Hei hi kum 95 chhunga British thawnthuah parliament rorelna a sorkar a tlinlohna nasa ber a ni a, chuvangin 1973 atanga an luhna EU atang hian engtinnge an tal chhuah theih ang tih hi Britishin kum 50 chhunga a tawn zinga politic khirh ber a ni an ti.

May chuan he thil hi British mipuite duhthlanna a nih avangin parliament member zinga a kalhtute pawh inngaihtuah tha leh a, ti puitling ngei turin a ngen.

source ‘VOA’


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