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Iraq khawpui Baghdad-ah Thawhṭanni khan thihchilh bomb pahnih a puak a, mi 27 an thi a, mi dang 92 in hliam an tuar.

Thihchilh bomb-te hi zing lam mipui lunlaiin al-Tayaran square bulah tihpuah a ni a, bomb puah lai hi in sakna hmuna hna thawk turte punkhawm hun lai a nih thu Interior Ministry chuan a sawi.

Eng pawl mahin Baghdad-a pawikhawihna hi an thlen thu an la chhal lo a, mahse thuneitute chuan Iraq khawpui chhung hmun lunlaia Islamic State (IS)-ten pawikhawihna lian tham tak an thlen fo avangin Thawhṭannia bomb puak pawh hi IS tih niin an ngai.

Al-Tayaran square-a bomb tihpuah a nih hnu hian khawpui chhung hmun dangah pawh firfiakten bomb tihpuah zel an tum niin thu a thang zui a, mipui an chiai hman hle. Mahse Iraqi Joint Operations Command (JOC) media office chuan he thuthang hi thu dik lo a nih thu leh, khawpui chhunga security dinhmun tihbuai tuma mi ṭhenkhat thiltih a nih thu an sawi.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi chuan security force-te hnenah pawikhawihtu firfiakte chu zawngchhuak tur leh, an chungthu relsak turin a ti. PM hian security force leh intelligence service hotute chu meeting a neihpui nghal a, an ram mipuite himna tura theihtawp chhuah turin a ti a ni.


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