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An Ui Vulh Nen An Inpawl Lai Video Siamtu Nu Maksak Chu A Bialpa Nen Police-in An Man

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Thawhlehni liam ta khan Florida nu pakhat chu a ui vulh lai nen an inpawl avang leh, an inpawl lai a bialpain video a a lo laksak avangin an 2 in Police ten an man tih hriat a ni.

Christina Callelo kum 36 a upa leh a uipa vulh te hi kum 8 chhung chu vawi tam tak mipathmeichhiatna an hmang dun thin tih an sawi a, an chetdan mawilo tak chu Police ten hriain Thawhlehni khan an chenna inah a bialpa nen an man tih Pinellas County Sheriff Department chuan thuchhuah siamin a tarlang.

Tianga Christina kum 36 mi leh an uipa inpawl lai chu a bialpa Largo lam mi Geoffrey Springer kum 39 mi chuan video in a lo la a, a computer hard drive ah a lo dah tha thin a ni.

Christina uipa hi damdawi in lamah dahluh nghal a ni a, hliam a neih leh neih loh endik a ni dawn bawk a ni.

Christina Callelo leh a bialpa te hi man an nih hnuah Pinellas county jail-ah dahluh nghal an ni.

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