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America chuan Iran a runluih

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lran sipaiten America sipaite an bei thut thei tih titi a darh hnuah America sawrkar chuan American chhiatna ngaihtuahtute bei let tur hian kan inthlahrung lo tih a sawi. Iran chuan Middle east a Americate inchhep vel chu a lo hmu thei lo hle. US hian Middle eastah USS Abraham Lincon thlawhtheihna phur lawngpui leh B 25 bomberte a thawn hnuah tui atanga khawmuala kal thei lawng chi khat USS Airlington indolawng leh missile kahna Patriot te pawh an thawn belh leh ta a ni. Middle east a kan awm hi buaina chhuak lo turin kan veng dawn a, buaina siam tura awm kan ni lo tiin an sawi.


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