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A Hmel That Em Avangin A Thian Tha Berin A Pasal Neih Niah A Sawm Ve Duh Lo.

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Nu pakhat chuan, a hmelthat em avangin, a thian tha berin a pasal neih niah inneihna hmun a tel turin a sawm duh lo tih a sawi chhuak!

Germany, Heidelberg a khawsa Fashion model Alena sawidanin, a thian kawmngeih tak Albina Dyla chuan a pasal neih niah a sawm duh lo tih sawiin, a thawmhnaw hak a inhmeh em avang leh a hmelthat em avangin a thian thaber chuan inneih niah a luahlan ang tih a hlau niin a sawi.

A thian tha ber pasal nei tur Albina Dyla in inneihna hmuna tel tura a sawm duhlohna chhan ber pawh, a hmelthatnain a luahlan ang tih a hlau niin a sawi a ni.

Alena chuan he video clip hi Tik Tok kaltlang a pholan hnuin million 5 chuang zetin an en tih hriat a ni.

Kum 21 a upa model Alena chuan, “Ka thian tha takin a pasal neihnaah min sawm duh lova, a chhan pawh inneih nia ka thawmhnaw hak tur chu ama min thlansak ngei niin, ka inhmeh em avangin a thik thu a chhe nghal” tiin a sawichhuak a ni.

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