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1800 Kum A Piang Leh Khawvela Hmeichhe Upa Ber Chu Kum 124 Mi Niin A Thi!

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Khawvela hmeichhe upa bera ngaih, kum 1800 kuma piang Phillipine nu chu kum 124 mi niin a boral.

Phillipines hmeichhia Lola Francisca chu khawvel mihringah kum zabi 20-na hmaa piang la dam awmchhun a nih thu an sawi a, Lola State officials, Kabankalan province, Negros Occidental province chuan November 22 ah a thi tih an puang a ni.

Lola Francisca hi Guinness World Record ah pawh khawvela upa ber a la ni reng a, khawvel mihring piang tawhte zingah kum 124 thleng thei hi record a la awm rih lo a ni.

Lola thihna chhan hi official taka puanzar a la ni lova, CNN Phillipine in a tarlan danin, City public information officer Jake Carlyne Gonzales Lola chuan, Covid-19 a positive ngei a rinthu a sawi a, a thih hmain Symptoms erawh a nei lo niin a sawi.

Lola tih loah chuan, France ram a cheng Keanne Kalment chu kum 122 a dam a, 1997 kumah taksa hrisellohna hrang hrang avangin a boral tih an sawi.

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