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Australian Hmeichhe Boxer Ebanie Leh UFC Icon McGregor te Thlalakdunna A Viral! Fans-ten Conor Kutdahdan An Helh!

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Australian hmeichhe boxer lar leh hmeltha tak Ebanie Bridges leh UFC fighter ropui Conor McGregor te thlalakdunna chu social media lamah a viral tih hriat ani.

Ireland, Dublin 3Arena boxing ring chhungah hmeichhe boxer Katie Taylor leh Chantelle Cameron te an inhnek a, he professional boxing bout-ah hian Cameron chuan a khingpui Chantelle chu 95-95, 96-94, 96-94 in a hneh nghe nghe!

He hunah hian Conor McGregor leh Australian boxer hmeltha tak Ebanie te chu ringside ah an intawng hlawl mai a, thla an la dun zui a, he an thlalaka McGregor-a’n Ebanie a kuahdan leh a kut dahdan chu fans-ten an helh hle a, Irish fighter hian Ebanie hnute a khawih ngei niin fans-te chuan an react nasa hle tih an sawi.

Report atanga a landanin boxer Ebanie Bridges hi a hmeichhe boxer pui 2 te support tura kal a ni a, hetih lai hian McGregor erawh boxer Taylor tan tuma kal a ni thung.

Hmeichhe boxer lar Ebanie Bridges leh McGregor te thla an lakdunna chu social media lamah pholan a nih veleh fans-ten an helh hle a, McGregor-a’n Ebanie kuaha a kut dahdan mawlh chuan sawi a hlawh hle a ni.

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