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India ram Hetero Labs Ltd siam thisensang damdawiah hian cancer natna siam thei chemical a tel tih America Health department chuan March 1 khan an puang. Losartan tel damdawi dang tam tak pawh an la let leh vek dawn tih CNN chuan a sawi.

Tunah hian mihringte tan cancer siam thei damdawi an lo nih tak avangin thisensang damdawi leh lungna damdawite chu an la let leh dawn ta a ni. Tuna an lak let damdawiah hian NMBA acid chi khat a tela, chu chuan rannungte taksaah cancer a siam thei a ni tih March 1 khan US chuan a puang.

Heng damdawi hi Hetero Labs Ltd chuan India ramah a siam a, Camber Pharmaceticals in a sem chhuak a ni.

source ‘DVB’

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