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COVID-19 Awareness Hla Saa A Lam Lai Video Hian Mi Lawm A Hlawh Hle

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Myanmar actress leh model lar Thin Zar Wint Kyaw in COVID-19 hrileng laka inralrinna hla (Covid-19 awareness song) siamin a sa a, a lam lai video chu miten an lawm phian mai.

He model hi a hmel a that mai piahlamah a pian a nalhin a zei ve hrim hrim bawk nen, Myanmar ramchhung mai bakah khawvel hmundangah pawh a larin hrelo an an awm love.

Stay safe with RC, Lets Fight COVID Together tih hla sa in a lama, he a lam lai video hi Facebook page lamah a pholang nghe nghe.

Thin Zar Wint Kyaw chuan in hriselna atan lo lam ve ula, he hla thu hmang hian lo invenhim in lo tum theuh dawn nia tiin fuihna thu a sawi lang a ni. (VIDEO)

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