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BEER leh CIGARETTE te chu foreign aṭang lak luh khap

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Business & Trading Department chuan Beer leh Cigarette te chu ram dang aṭang lak luh khap te zingah a telh ani.

Beer, Cigarette leh a dang thil hrang hrang te chu ding lai dàn angin ram dang aṭang a lak luh khap a ni.

Vawiin May ni 25 a chhuah Export/Import No.13(B) dàn angin puan a ni.

2013, February thla a lo chhuak tawh dàn chu vawiin a chhuak dànin a thlak leh vek a ni.

Zu(Liquor), Beer te hi dàn ang takin import phal chu a ni lova, mahse ram chhunga lut tawh foreign Zu, Wine te chungchang chu nikum September thla khan Parliament ah sawi ho na an lo nei tawh ani.

Chu vang chuan Zu(Liquor), Beer leh Wine te chu limited deuh vin import tawh tur a nih thu Business&Trading Department Vice President U Aung Htoo-a chuan Parliament ah a lo theh lut a ni.

Source: 7Day TV

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