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Top Gun: Maverick Chuan Titanic Movie Lehpelin, US Box Office-a Film Hlawhtling Ber 7-na A Hauh Mek

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Top Gun: Maverick chuan US Box Office-ah film hlawhtling tak ni thin Titanic chu lehpelin, film hlawhtling ber berte zingah a 7-na dinhmun a hauh mek a, Ticket an hralhchhuahna atangin sum $662 Million zet a hmu tawh a ni.

Paramount Pictures tan Top Gun chuan Titanic luahlanin, Paramount Pictures Studio-ah kum 110 chhunga film hlawhtling ber nihna a hauh pha a ni.

Top Gun hi released a nih atanga kar 11 liam hnuah, international leh domestic tickets an hralh chhuah zat chu $690 million a tling pha a ni. Titanic chu 8-naah a awm ve leh thung a ni.

Top five movies sum hlawhchhuak hnem ber ber te chu:

  1. Star Wars: The Forces Awakens’ ($936m)
  2. Avengers: End Game ($853m)
  3. Spiderman: No Way Home ($804m)
  4. Avatar ($760m)
  5. Black Pather ($700m) te an ni.

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