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SummerSlam-ah A Chetdan Mawiloh Avangin WWE In Ronda Rousey A Suspend Bakah Sum A Chawitir

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UFC huang atanga mite hriat hlawh tak mai hmeichhe in fight thiam leh WWE a luh hnu pawha mite mitfukna ber Ronda Rousey chu SummerSlam-ah referee Dan Engler a khawih avangin WWE in a suspend.

He SummerSlam match-ah hian Ronda Rousey leh Liv Morgan te chu Title inchuhin an inhmachhawn a, suspend a tawh zui avangin Liv Morgan chuan Women’s Title a hum ta zawk a ni.

Ronda Rousey suspend a nih chhan hi WWE chuan an Website kaltlangin an tarlang a, a chunga action lak a nih chhan pawh Referee Dan Engler kut a thlak vang niin an sawi.

WWE chuan Rousey hi suspend a nih bakah sum chawitir a nih thu an sawi a, a sum chawi tur zat erawh an tarlang lo thung.

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