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Oscars Red Carpet A Photographer Tanpuitu Singer Lady Gaga-in Fak A Hlawh

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March 13 liam ta a Oscars award semna inkhawm Red Carpet-ah khan lawmman semchhuah hma hauhin singer Lady Gaga chuan mipuite hnen atangin award dang a dawng leh tlat mai le!

Dress mawi leh uluk taka inthuamin Lady Gaga chu Oscars Red Carpet-ah a inthen no nalh hle a, tianga Red Carpet a inlan mek lai hian a hnung lamah rinloh tak maiin thlalatu (photographer) chu a tawlhthlu hlauh tih hriat a ni.

Photographer tawlhthluk thawm chu Gaga chuan a lo hre nghal thuai a, hmanhmawh takin a hnunglam hawi letin a tlan phei a, photographer chu a hliam em tiin a ngaihven nghal thuai a, a kaitho nghal a ni.

Online fans thahnem tak leh photographers tam takin Lady Gaga chezia leh ngilneihna chu fakawm an tih thu an tarlang a, a mihringpui chunga a thil tih chu an sawi chamchi a ni.

Gaga-in photographer tawlhthlu a tanpui lai video chu online lamah a darh nghal thuai a, mi tam takin singer Gaga hi an ngaihsan thu leh fakawm an tih thu chu an tarlang nasa hle tih an sawi.

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