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Swedish Action Hero Dolph Lundgren Chuan Cancer Natnain Kum 8 Chuang A Bawh Tawh Tih A Sawi

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Hollywood hranghlui actor Dolph Lundgren kum 65 mi chu cancer natnain a nuai mek tih hriat niin, a natna hi kum 8 kal ta atang khan a lo tawmpui tawh a ni.

“In Depth with Graham Bensinger” interview series-ah Swedish actor chuan 2015 kumah chuap cancer a vei tih hmuhchhuah a nih thu a tarlang a, kum rei vak lo chhung a cancer chu ziaawm mahse 2020 kumah a tho leh tih a sawi a ni.

A nupui hual Emma Krokdal sawidanin, Dolph hi a dinhmun a tha lo hle a, Cedars-Sinai medical centre doctors te chuan a chuap, pumpui leh kalah te bâwk a awm thu tarlangin, action hero ropui hi kum hnih thum bak a dam dawn lo niin an sawi a ni.

Amah Dolph sawidanin, tunhmain steroids a lo hmang thin a, he damdawi hian a cancer nen inzawmna a neih mai a rin thu a sawilang ve bawk.

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