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North Carolina Hmeichhe Pastor-in Singer Beyonce Dawithiamah A Puh!

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US hmeichhe pastor Tiphani Montgomery chuan singer Beyonce chu hmeichhe dawithiam a nih thu sawichhuakin, amah chauh nilo amah ngaisangtu a fans te pawhin na takin a bei zui tih an sawi.

Covered by God Ministry dintu North Carolina lam chhuak pastor Tiphani chuan hmanni lawk khan singer Beyonce leh a fans te a beihna video chu Tik Tok leh YouTube kaltlangin a pholang a, “Beyonce hi hmeichhe dawithiam a ni, a concert neihna chhimtu zawng zawng leh a fans te chu Isua hmingin ka hau na dawn chu e! Engtin nge Christian ka ni in intih theih zawk ni!” tiin na takin a au a ni.

Pastor Tihphani chuan Beyonce chu dawithiam a nih avangin amah ngaisangtu fans te leh amah ngainatu zawng zawngte pawh a thuthlunpuite vek an ni a ti bawk.

Pastor Tihpani-in Beyonce leh amah ngaisangtu a fans te a beihna video hi social media platform-ah vawi 500,000 chuang view a ni tawh a, he video react-tute chuan ngaihdan leh hmuhdan hrang comments lamah an thailang nasa hle bawk.

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